Placing your first renewable interests

It might seem obvious but click either the bid or ask button inside the app to start creating a renewable interest. These buttons are located on several pages and will open the interest creation dialog with the various options/filters you have selected.

Filters you have selected will be automatically selected in the dialog.

The interest dialog

The interest dialog

The interest dialog for EECS and I-REC has four sections, and elcert has two sections.

  1. Product
  2. Plant attributes
  3. Price and volume
  4. Details (delivery, counterparties, expiration ++)

The only required part is the “Price and volume” section. However, you are free to use all the fields to describe your specifications thoroughly.

I create an EECS Hydro interest in the video above, and I want it spot delivered. The volume I want is 25GWh for €1.21.