GreenPowerHub AS is strictly speaking an
interest-sharing platform that facilitates trades
between members who settle deals bilaterally.
The hub does not require and does not have an
exchange license.

“Meet. Deal. Done.” This is how we describe the ease of trading and settling contracts on Green Power Hub (GPH). In legal terms, it is also straightforward.

Members at the GPH are themselves responsible for inviting and accepting trading counterparties. When buyer and seller have agreed on a price, GPH issues a proposal for a standard contract, which the counterparties may use to settle a trade. The counterparties may otherwise choose to settle using any other contract.

GPH does not charge any transaction fees. Instead, we offer membership to a technology that enables our members to chat, deal and settle directly between themselves.

Guarantees of Origin (GOs) and Elcert contracts listed on GreenPowerHub are legally classified as physical products. Bilateral trading of such products does not require an exchange license.

GreenPowerHub AS takes very seriously any attempt to commit fraudulent activity on our membership-based platform.

GPH has been legally reviewed and vetted by law firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers AS, Norway.