Closing / Settlement prices for EECS, I-REC, and Elcertificates

GreenPowerHub offers all subscribers closing/settlement prices for Guarantees of Origin (EECS and I-REC) and Elcertificates. Visualize or view raw data (exportable to excel). Updated daily.


  • Available for all subscription types
  • API available for premium and pro subscribers



 Choose one or more technologies.

Production- (EECS, I-REC) / Delivery- (Elcert) year

 Choose one or more. 


Choose a country to view closing prices from a specific origin/country.

*Currently only available for I-RECs

Table view / Raw data

You can view the raw data of the selected selection by clicking the table button. Exportable to Excel for Starter+ subscribers.

Closing price API

All data viewable on the closing price page in the app are available through our API.

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