There’s a better way to trade green certificates

Meet and trade with trusted counterparties in a membership-based network for Guarantees of Origin (GOs) and Elcerts, designed for simplicity and efficiency.

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The future of Green Certificate trading

No more endless phone calls. We are bridging the technological gap in Green Trading.

100% Control

We give you granular control of every trade.

Your assets, your decisions.

0 Transaction Fees

One subscription cost. No hidden fees.

100% Transparent

View all trades made.

Analyze closing prices in app or through API. You decide.


Connect with your trading community

Once your membership is in place you may start building your online trading network by inviting old and new contacts as counterparties. Connect with members already active on Green Power Hub, or freely invite other connections.


Monitor the market

As a member, you benefit from being able to monitor the market in real-time and quickly post your buying or selling interests online. You also get regular updates about new members and weekly market summaries.

Below you can preview some of our current interests.

Place your interests and start trading

Placing your buying or selling interests is easy: Just enter your bid or offer, and go about your business while relying on us to alert your trading partners that a new interest has been posted.

Sign electronically

Completed a trade? Great! We have automated the signing process. All you have to do is review and sign electronically.

Or Book a Demo

One of our multilingual onboarding specialists gives you a tour of our app.

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Closing price update

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