Feature overview

Certificate markets

EECS market

The European EECS market has been in the GreenPowerHub application since its launch.

I-RECS market

In January 2022, the GreenPowerHub introduced I-RECS as a tradeable commodity. I-RECS is the international standard for renewable energy certificates. The introduction of I-RECS implies the welcoming of member companies from outside the European Union/EEA.

Elcertificates market

The Norwegian and Swedish commodity elcertificates are tradeable on GreenPowerHub.

Monitor the markets

As a member of GreenPowerHub, you benefit from being able to monitor the renewable markets in real-time.

You can also quickly post your buying or selling interests online.

When new members join, you can invite them to your network.

Market report

A weekly detailed renewable energy market report with data from our system.

Price alerts

Don’t miss out on those fantastic renewable deals. You can create customized price alerts to be alerted whenever a new interest is posted that matches your criteria.

Talk to the price

Chat directly and anonymously with the interest owner and make a good deal.

No transaction fees

We invite you to discover the ease and low cost of doing bilateral deals on Green Power Hub. You pay no per-transaction fees, only a single-user or company-wide subscription. If you do not want to trade but only view prices, we also have a membership option for you.

Choose your trading currency.

You have the option to trade GOs in USD, EUR, CHF, DKK, GBP, NOK, or SEK – and trade Elcerts in NOK or SEK.

Portfolio management

Efficiency and transparency matter whether you are a big or a small player, and Green Power Hub facilitates the management of your GO and Elcert portfolios.

With a click, you get an overview of your exposure in the market and trading history.

Electronic signatures (e-sign) and contracts

A streamlined online process replaces the paperwork generally associated with bilateral deals. 



Available at higher subscription tiers, we offer a rich API for our customers. For more detailed information go to the developer portal.

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