Add trade partners

Managing your trade partners on GreenPowerHub is simple.

Invite existing network members instantly, or send an invite to missing companies on your current counterparty list to join.

Invite partners

Click on any company name to review their company profile.

When ready to invite click send invitation from the list or within their profile.

Current partners

Manage your existing partners.

Actions you can perform on a partner:

  • Invite them to more markets
  • Remove them from a market
  • Pause/Resume partnership
  • Remove as partner

Received invitations

Nice, someone wants to partner with you.

You may accept or deny it. Or optionally ignore the invite.

An ignored invitation can later be unignored.

Sent invitations

Sent invitations can be managed or reviewed from the “Sent” page.

Here you can withdraw any sent invitation.

Identify partner status on trade screens

  • White is your interest or someone in your company.
  • Green is a partner’s interest.
  • Red is an unpartnered interest.
  • The dark color means the interest is subject to contract and credit (STCC) (anyone can trade these).

Automatically update partner status.

Using API, all partner features described above can be automated.

For more information, go to our developer page or contact us for more information.

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