European Energy Certificate System – EECS

Trading EECS should be easy. GreenPowerHub is an innovative EAC trading network for renewable energy. 

With no broker fees, you can:



Manage counterparties

Integrate using API

What is an EECS interest?

Below are some real interests shared in the GreenPowerHub network

  • An EECS ASK interest at 2.59 per MWh for 40GWh of Hydro source produced in 2024 in Norway.
  • The delivery is set to special which means a specific date.
  • This EECS is guaranteed to be valid for at least 4 weeks after delivery
  • An EECS ASK interest at 1.2 EUR for 50GWh of Any Renewable energy, with a requirement that it’s either Hydro, Solar, or Wind. Origin is AIB/EECS.
  • The Bid is Subject to Contract & Credit meaning that a trade can potentially be cancelled if the buyer and seller can’t agree on contract terms or don’t pass credit or risk department demands.
  • An EECS BID interest at 1.8 EUR for 50GWh of Wind source, produced in EU.
  • This particular interest is posted with an expiry time (6hours).

GreenPowerHub EECS features


Monitor prices

All subscription levels with EECS market get full insight and transparency into the prices on the network.

Manage your counterparts

Control your trade partners to limit your risk.

Easy to use counterpart options.

Inviting partners only takes a few clicks.




Trade EECS

GreenPowerHub (GPH) is an online interest-sharing network to facilitate the trade of EECS and other EACs.

GreenPowerHub aims to streamline your trading.

Create a EECS interest with ease.

Trade with your own counterparts.


Automate and integrate - EECS API

For subscribers at higher subscription tiers, we offer complete API access to all trade- and partner features.


Sign up

We will review your sign-up and give you access to the GreenPowerHub application as soon as possible. By signing up you agree to the terms and conditions outlined: Terms and conditions


What is EECS?

EECS is a European energy certificate system that helps document the production of renewable energy through digital certificates. For each one megawatt-hour of energy produced a one-megawatt hour EECS certificate is available to the producer.

Where are EECSs available?

EECS is offered at the EU level in 28 countries plus Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland, facilitated by AIB. Bulgaria, Malta, Poland, and Romania have their own national systems.

Countries have registries for GOs. AIB facilitates a standard, the EECS (European Energy Certificate System). The different operators throughout Europe use the EECS standard and transactions are facilitated centrally by the AIB Hub.


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