Select which one to use

Choose a contract, it will be added as a draft. 


Trade Contracts


The draft is only visible to you.

Click on the draft to open it in Word.

We do our best to prefill the chosen contract with details from the trade but some sections of the documents expect your input.



Edit the draft

We recommend using the desktop version of Word, it gives the best user experience when editing the file. As there is a known issue in the online Word version which does not allow checking a checkbox.


 To open the desktop app click the editing button in online Word -> Open in Desktop App.


Edit The Contract

Sharing the draft

The draft is only visible to you but you can share it with anyone you want.

To share the file click the share button in Word.

  1. In the popup click “People in GreenPowerHub AS with the link can view”.
  2. Click “Specific people” and optionally “Allow editing” and click “Apply”.
  3. Write the email to the person you want to share to.
  4. Click send.
Sharing the draft


When sent to E-sign, all traders and signers will get an email to sign the contract.



Contract Status

You can at any point view the contract status from the trade page.

Keep track of who the signers are if they have viewed or signed the contract.

You can also send a reminder and cancel the contract signing.


Contract Status