The company behind the Green Power Hub is ISN AS. ISN was founded on a dream of digitalizing the green power business. Our approach has been to invent and develop automated solutions with a human touch from the user perspective, rather than from an IT/programmer perspective. 

A successful startup.

ISN is a privately held company, based in Bergen, Norway with offices in Oslo and Stockholm. The company was founded i January 2019 by the seed capital company Phari AS in close partnership with the media and and analysis company Montel AS.  

The strong partnership with Montel has given us an opportunity to meet and gain several high profiled members that set an agenda in the business. The close relationship has also contributed to build ISN and the Green Power Hub as trustmarks rather than trademarks. 

We will always have an agenda to contribute to a better market and better solutions for the industry. We belive that our approach to the trade in green energy will open the market for small and mid sized actors as well as the large producers. As we do our best to support and help our members, we believe that we can bring easier access and transparency to the market.   


Organization number / VAT registration number: NO 922 133 905
Legal Entity Identifier: 984500F3AA5FY3946950

General manager: Jonas Åkesson
Chairman of the board of directors: Geir Morten Folkestad

Independant auditor: Credo Revisjon / Svein Kåre Eidsnes

Ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs):
Phari AS
Montel AS

Complete shareholder list available on request.