Trading network for GOs and Elcerts

The Green Power Hub is a complete bilateral trading network for Guarantees of Origin (GOs) and Elcerts. More than 250 companies from 28 countries across Europe have registered to do their green deals in our network. The Green Power Hub is membership-based: You only pay for a fixed monthly membership fee – no variable per-transaction/brokerage costs apply.


The Green Power Hub enables you to freely invite and accept invitations from counterparties to trade GOs and Elcerts of any size, origin, technology or volume. 


Once registered, you can start placing your buying or selling interests in multiple currencies on a fully transparent trading network– and negotiate deals with your counterparties. 


When buyer and seller agree on a deal, Green Power Hub automatically issues a contract proposal which counterparties may use for settlement. You sign the contract online – and the deal is done.


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