The share of reliable tracked electricity rises 8% in 2019

Jun 30, 2020 | Green Power Hub

The share of reliably tracked European sources of electricity grew 8% in 2019, from 988 TWh to 1,068 TWh, according to a recent report from AIB – the association of issuing bodies.

As the level of reliably tracked electricity increased in 2019, the share of untracked electricity consumption fell 2.7 percentage points to 67.3%.

These calculations were based on a revised “Issuance Based Method” which aims to remove the systemic error due to the use of the Guarantee of Origin (GO) Import and Export volumes, which include trading as well as transfers for end-use,” AIB said.

The change in methodology meant “the residual mixes of Norway and Belgium have changed a lot”, while other countries’ residual mix remained unchanged.

The countries with the lowest levels of untracked consumption in 2019 were:

1. Luxembourg – 9.40%
2. Ireland – 11.3%
3. Sweden – 12.63%

“Low untracked consumption suggests high consumer demand for origin tracked electricity, but it also shows national regulation choices,” AIB said.

The purpose of AIB, the association of issuing bodies, is to “develop, use and promote” the standardised European Energy Certificate System – EECS.

The full AIB report and summary are available here: