Norway set to reject proposal to exit GOs

Jan 29, 2020 | Montel

(Montel) A majority of parties in the Norwegian parliament will reject a proposal from the opposition Labour party that would have effectively pulled Norway out of the guarantees of origin (GOs) market, they told Montel on Tuesday.

“We cannot support the proposal in its current form. We need more knowledge. But we support the intention to investigate how the system has worked,” said Ole Andre Myhrvold, MP for the Centre party, another opposition party.

The Conservative party, the Progress party and the Socialist Left party also told Montel they would reject the proposal – securing a majority against it ahead of a vote in the parliament’s energy and climate committee on Thursday.

2019 proposal
Last year, the Labour party proposed pulling Norwegian TSO Statnett out of the Association of Issuing Bodies, the Brussels-based unit that organises the GO market in Europe, which in practice would have made it impossible to export GOs from Norway.

It made the proposal to protect Norwegian industry from having to buy GOs to prove that their power supply came from renewables, it added.

The move has been heavily opposed by the power sector, however, which earns up to EUR 200m annually from the sale of GOs.

A “yes” to the proposal could have had a huge impact on the European market for GOs, where Norway accounted for 22% of total supply in 2018 thanks to its high hydropower output.


Reporting by:
Gert Ove Mollestad
13:42, Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Reporting by:
Kjersti Dalfest
13:42, Tuesday, 28 January 2020