Norway and Sweden agree on changes to Elcert market

Sep 14, 2020 | Montel

Norway and Sweden on Friday agreed to changes in the joint Elcert market, but the countries are withholding the details of the agreement for a week, according to the minutes from Friday’s meeting of ministers.

“Conclusion of an agreement between Norway and Sweden amending an agreement on a common market for elcertificates as of 29 June 2011,” the minutes from the Norwegian governments said, as reported by Montel.

The Ministry of petroleum and energy did not respond to Montel’s questions concerning the nature of the deal, nor would it grant Montel’s request to make it public.

The ministry said details of the agreement would only be published in connection with a meeting between Andes Ygeman, the Swedish minister of energy and digitization, and Norway’s minister of petroleum and energy, Tina Bru, scheduled for 18 September.

Prices in the electricity certificate market have collapsed to less than SEK 7/MWh due to massive wind power expansion which has resulted in a massive surplus of electricity certificates.

Reporting by:
Gert Ove Mollstad, Montel
15:24, Friday 11 September 2020

Translating by:
Morten Munkejord, Green Power Hub