New features at The Green Power Hub

Jul 7, 2021 | News

We are happy to announce two new features at the Green Power Hub!

  • Talk to the price 
  • Partner Markets

The Green Power Hub team has been working relentlessly to improve the platforms functionality. Our aim is to make the platform as effective as possible for our members, so that you can place interests and make deals safe and simple.

Our new feature, “Talk to the price”, has made it easier for our members to communicate in the early stages of a potential deal. Talk to the price allows you to chat anonymously to an interest owner. This will make it easier to come to an agreement and make a deal. 

Our second new feature is called “Partner Markets”. The feature allows you to see if your partner is valid for GO´s, Elcerts or both. This feature will change the way price matching and trades are done. The red and green prices are now not only sorted by partnership, but it also depends on whether both counterparts have approved each other for that market. 

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