Merry Christmas

Dec 23, 2020 | Green Power Hub

2020 has been a different year, and not the year we really expected when it started. Lockdowns and distancing has been our mantra since March. Going from social people to web based participants in Teams-meetings has been difficult, yet enlightening for all of us. Still safety first.

We are very concerned about the situation throughout Europe in the holiday season, but as long as we keep a distance, some time, hopefully in 2021 we will be able to meet at least some of you face to face. 

All in all 2020 has been a quite good year for the Green Power Hub. We have reached several milestones and our platform has shaped into a system we are proud of. Several new features have been added to the Green Power Hub and there are more to come. A special announcement for our next release is due primo  January, and it includes several small elements that we hope will bring even more efficiency to the Green Power Hub. 

As in any startup, records have been broken often. We have a good increase in both volume traded and deals done. Several new companies have started trading their GOs and Elcerts at the Green Power Hub. We are thankful and it fills us with motivation to help make 2021 a better year to all of our members.

Please stay safe and enjoy the Christmas.

The Green Power Hub is of course open for business.

All the best!

Morthen, Olav, Michael, Henri, Ole, Mohamed, Tarjei, Magnus, Jon, Øystein & Erik.

The Green Power Hub Team