Green Power Hub introduces e-SIGN contracts

Jul 9, 2020 | Green Power Hub

By introducing e-SIGN functionality for all its members, Green Power Hub has just made trading and settlement of Elcert and GO contracts more efficient.

“Over many years I have myself experienced how time-consuming it can be to negotiate, administer, and settle even relatively small contract volumes in the Elcert and GO markets, and still not knowing if the price is right,” says Jonas Åkesson, CEO of Green Power Hub.

“The latest e-SIGN feature completes the first phase of development for Green Power Hub which aims at making bilateral trading both transparent and cost-efficient.”

The Green Power Hub was launched in August 2019 and is a complete bilateral trading network for Guarantees of Origin (GOs) and Elcerts. More than 200 companies from 25 countries across Europe* have now joined the platform.

The Green Power Hub is a membership-based system where you only pay a fixed and scalable membership fee, but no per-transaction/brokerage fees.

The platform also offers clearing of Elcert contracts via Nasdaq Commodities.

CEO Jonas Åkesson joined Green Power Hub in February, initially as COO. He was previously head of trading and green markets at Markedskraft from 2005.

*Also includes one US-registered company.