Fundamental data from Energy Quantified at Green power Hub to members

Sep 10, 2020 | Green Power Hub

We are very pleased to introduce fundamental data on renewable power production in partnership with Energy Qantified.

You can now find publication of renewable power production for ten AiB countries showing accumulated deviation from seasonal normal for wind, solar and hydro.
(Go to market data > production)

“The development and composition of power production is an essential part of the price formation in the GO market. With this launch, Green Power Hub shows you the key indicators, Accumulated deviation from the seasonal normal for wind, solar and hydro. We are proud to become a trusted provider of fundamental data to Green Power Hub”, says CEO of Energy Quantified Hugo Birkelund.

New features in Green Power Hub

  • Possibility to register trades that have been negotiated and closed outside the network by contacting our trade support. This enables you to manage all your deals at Green Power Hub.
  • On-screen notifications when new members join the network
  • Instantly refreshed on-screen activity

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We hope you enjoy the new features!