Elcertificates (elcerts)

The Elcertificates system is a joint support scheme for renewable energy generation used by Sweden and Norway. This technology-neutral scheme was launched in Sweden in 2003 and joined by Norway in 2012.

Trading Elcertificates should be easy. GreenPowerHub is an innovative trading network for renewable energy.

With no broker fees, you can:



Manage counterparties

Integrate using API

What is an elcert interest?

  • A 50GWh elcert ASK interest for 1.4 SEK
  • The ASK is Subject to Contract & Credit meaning that a trade can potentially be canceled if the buyer and seller can’t agree on contract terms or don’t pass credit or risk department demands.
  • Delivery is standard which in this case is 17. march the following year.
  • A 10GWh elcert ASK interest for 1 SEK
  • This ASK is for partners only for a total price of 10 000 SEK

GreenPowerHub Elcertificate features


Monitor prices

All subscription levels with elcert market get full insight and transparency into the prices on the network.

Manage your counterparts

Control your trade partners to limit your risk.

Easy to use counterpart options.

Inviting partners only takes a few clicks.




Trade elcertificates

GreenPowerHub (GPH) is an online interest-sharing network to facilitate the trade of Elcertificates and EACs.

GreenPowerHub aims to streamline your trading.

Create a elcert interest with ease.

Trade with your own counterparts.


Automate and integrate – Elcert API

For subscribers at higher subscription tiers, we offer complete API access to all trade- and partner features.


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What are elcertificates?

Elcerts are a Norwegian & Swedish support scheme, an electronic attribution certificate, for power plants. An eligible power plant that produces power, generates an elcertificate for the same amount, issued by the MWh.

Who manages elcertificates?

The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) is managing the Elcertificate Scheme, whereas Statnett SF is the issuing body.  

Power producers, who want their power plants to be approved to issue electricity certificates, must apply respectively to the Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) in Norway and to the Swedish Energy Directorate in Sweden.   

Trades are made through a bilateral agreement between energy producers and market participants with quota obligation and can be done also via brokers. Both energy producers and market participants must have an electricity account which is Cesar in Sweden and NECS in Norway.  

What's the current price of an Elcert?

The prices of the Elcertificates are determined by supply and demand. Both producers and sellers have a legal obligation to obtain certificates sufficient to cover a given share of the power that they sell or use. By doing so, producers receive an extra income from the sale of Elcertificates in addition to the electricity price.  End-users are practically financing this scheme.

Recent years have seen the price of Elcert go down. Subscribers get to see the live price trend plus historical data of every trade on the platform.

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